Reimagining Enterprise Risk

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Risk management has never been more complex. Today’s financial leaders face a risk landscape that can skyrocket corporate growth or slam brand reputations, in a matter of seconds.

Enterprise risk is no longer a hill to climb; it’s a mountain. Will you be ready to take your team to the summit?

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7 DDoS Myths and Realities

The latest industry research from IDG reveals that a majority of IT decision makers are labouring under false perceptions about the severity of DDoS attacks. For example, if the network isn’t down, there’s no problem, right? Wrong! Today’s complex DDoS attacks are difficult to detect, so businesses are not always alerted. In the meantime, DDoS threats are silently flooding websites and applications, slowing down essential services and driving away customers.

Learn about the seven most common misperceptions about DDoS, the inconvenient truth ...

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DDoS Defenses

Multi-vector DDoS attacks are overwhelming traditional security solutions and as a result, existing DDoS defense strategies must be re-evaluated. New DDoS solutions require horsepower and capabilities to deal with the volume and complexity of simultaneous attacks.
 Download our White Paper, Validating DDoS Threat Protection, to learn:
• Classification of DDoS attack types
• An approach on how to effectively mitigate DDoS Attacks
• The importance of Performance Validation to ensure predictable operations
• How IXIA validated high performance ...

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I Have to Trust Someone. …Don’t I?

Dealing with insider threats to cyber-security

Trust is an essential element to operating any type of organization. People need access to sensitive information and critical systems for many reasons and a level of trust has to be associated with that access. Understanding and managing that trust is the most critical—and difficult—challenge of dealing with insider threats. ...

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Achieve business continuity and keep people productive with remote access

Best practices, technologies and real-word examples to protect your business from disruptions. ...

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The Imperative for Effective Data Flow Governance in Response to Data Security, Risk Mitigation, and Compliance Requirements

Ovum Studie: So reduzieren Sie das Risiko von Datenlecks

Im Rahmen einer Studie der Analysten von Ovum wurden hunderte IT-Entscheidungsträger weltweit dazu befragt, wie effektiv Datenflüsse in ihrem Unternehmen gesteuert werden.
Hier einige Ergebnisse:
· 23 % der Befragten haben innerhalb der letzten drei Jahre einen Sicherheitsaudit nicht bestanden.
· 17 % waren unsicher, ob sie einen derartigen Audit mithilfe ihrer vorhandenen FTP-Lösungen bestehen könnten.
· 4 % der FTP-gestützten Dateiübertragungen schlagen fehl – gleichzeitig b ...

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