The Next Big Game Changer: Democratization of All-Flash Storage

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It’s taken just a little bit of time, but the democratizationof all-flash storage is finally at hand. Companies of any size can now afford a fully featured no-compromise all- flash array that leverages the performance, reliability, cost efficiencies, simplicity and scalability of the industry’s most innovative all-flash architecture. Are you ready to discover how all-flash storage can be a game changer for your business?

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Date: 8 February 2017, 16:26 pm   |   Provider: Pure Storage Ltd   |   Size: 561 KB   |   Language: English
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Eliminate EDA Workflow Bottlenecks

FlashBlade accelerates chip design for faster time-to-market

Electronic design automation (EDA) for semiconductors is one of the most demanding of today’s large-scale computing applications. Design verification is a critical design methodology in the workflow to ensure the design meets numerous rigorous requirements so the chip can be manufactured without errors in the shortest timeframe and at the highest quality. The verification workflow involves having engineers running applications on thousands of cores in large server farms on very fas ...

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Flashblade - Leveraging All-Flash Storage to Deliver Extreme Performance for Your Most Challenging Workloads

In the last 10 years, the rate of compute and network performance has outpaced storage. Compute nodes with multiple cores, advanced memory technology, high speed bus, and fast network NICs have kept pace with network speeds of 25GbE/40GbE, and even up to 100GbE. Unfortunately, most storage architectures, even the new clustered scale up/out architectures, are nothing more than derivatives of older legacy designs, and, as a result, storage has become the primary bottleneck for applications.

This is the golden age of applications – where design ...

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Global adoption of the cloud is accelerating at a dizzying rate each year with businesses of all sizes realizing the cost-saving, flexibility, and scalability benefits of migrating and running applications in the cloud. In our 2019 State of Application Services report, 87% of respondents reported having multicloud architectures.

As pressure to move applications to cloud and hybrid environments intensifies, IT teams must grapple with sometimes significant migration challenges. Though each migration is different, there are several common consi ...

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Software-Defined Storage — Opportunities for the Enterprise

IDC believes that software-defined storage (SDS) continues to transform IT deployment and consumption of storage resources. For enterprises, SDS is really an on-ramp to deploying a hybrid cloud — one that allows a metered on-demand consumption of private and public cloud resources. Deploying SDS therefore is not a question of "if" but a question of "when." IDC's August 2015 Software-Defined Infrastructure Survey found that 75% of enterprises have deployed or are considering deploying some form of SDS in their environment.

For such enterpris ...

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The Case for SDS - An IDC Infographic, Sponsored by IBM

Why SDS?

SDS is key to deploying a hybrid cloud for metered, on-demand consumption of private/public cloud resources. Enterprises generally have a positive awareness and acceptance of SDS. ...

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