Powering Digital Transformation at the BBC with Scalable, Flexible Identity Management

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The BBC: The World’s Leading Public Service Broadcaster

Since its foundation in 1922, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been synonymous with world-class news and entertainment. With a weekly global reach of 348 million, its long-standing mission to enrich people’s lives with programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain is as relevant as ever, but it has also never been more challenging to achieve. A significant factor is the rapidly changing viewing habits of the BBC’s global audience. Online and catch-up services have seen significant growth in recent years, while the number and variety of devices used to consume services has also grown exponentially. Added to this is the increasing expectation amongst viewers for broadcasters to provide tailored content to them, based on their viewing history and personal preferences.

Like most global media entities, the BBC has long recognized the changing landscape shaped by the explosion of digital devices and technologies, and has been working to continue to thrive in the new digital environment.

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