Attracting a New Generation of Membership

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A changing workforce means a changing mandate for associations

New types of workers, new demands for knowledge

The business world is undergoing dramatic change, and it is impacting the way associations operate and serve their members’ needs. Organizations that cling to traditional methods of communication, learning, networking, and certification will find themselves challenged in their ability to deliver value to an evolving membership profile. So how can associations do a better job filling the emerging knowledge gap and meeting millennial expectations?

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Knowledge Enablement And The Extended Enterprise

Within the global business landscape, no company operates as an island. Organizations today are made up of a complex network of partner relationships–customers, vendors, suppliers, and distributors, who come together to design, build and bring products and services to market.

Having a learning management strategy that keeps this extended enterprise current and engaged in your business’s brand is a top priority for most industry leaders. Extended enterprise learning can help businesses reduce training costs, improve awareness of products and ...

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Moving from compliance to engagement

Organisations invest millions annually in managing learning and systems that support regulatory compliance. But, compliance learning is the minimum to do business. How do you use learning to further your organisation’s impact and results? How do you support your employees to increase performance?

Employees are underperforming and leaving organisations because they are not engaged. Not with roles, not with their managers, and not with the company.

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NEW WORLD. NEW WORK - The Changing Landscape of Employee Learning and Development

The biggest problem facing the workforce is not a lack of people — it is a shortage of skills.

According to recent statistics, US spending on corporate training grew 15% between 2013 and 2014, demonstrating the highest growth rate in seven years. This constitutes a more than $70-billion investment by corporations in the US and $130 billion worldwide

In 2013, organizations across the US spent on average $1,169 per learner on learning and development (L&D) initiatives.
And yet, despite this massive level of investment — and desp ...

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The Aragon Research Globe for Corporate Learning, 2016: The Race to Knowledge Platforms

Business Leaders want better onboarding and better training for their employees; they’re actively seeking better and faster ways to help their workers learn, but they often don’t want to – or don’t have time to - build a learning ecosystem by hand. What they tell us is that they want more of a one-stop shop learning solution. As a result of this demand, people and business leaders are taking control of how they learn, which has led them to become increasingly more focused on content. The enterprise learning market is reacting to these changes b ...

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