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Every day seems like a battle—email, phone calls, unresolved issues, management asking for reports, users losing patience. Those ITIL standards you wish you had time to implement. You’re operating in chaos, without an efficient way to manage your work, your data, or your team.

Get Best Practices for the IT Service Desk, including the most important methods to trace service problems and performance evaluation.

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Case Study – Swiss Airlines

73 destinations in 39 countries around the world. How does Swiss International Airlines manage worldwide bank accounts efficiently?

Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. (SWISS) has 250 employees who have signing authorizations connected with various bank accounts around the world. Formerly, every change to authorizations translated into a time and resource intensive application and approvals process. For that reason, the company introduced the TIS Cloud Platform. The Bank Account Manager (BAM) serves both as a common basis for efficient admini ...

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