Channeling Streaming Data for Competitive Advantage

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Streaming Data: Driving the Next Wave of Industry Transformation

Today, data is constantly flowing in and out of organizations from electrical and mechanical sensors, RFID tags, smart meters, scanners, mobile devices, vehicles, live social media, machines and other objects. Did you know that a modern plane with more than 10,000 sensors just in the wings is expected to generate over 7 terabytes a day? And each day, Facebook saves 500 terabytes of user-generated data?

These examples illustrate the staggering volumes of digital data being created worldwide. The total amount generated in 2013 was approximately 3.5 zettabytes. By 2020, it’s predicted that the world will be producing, even at a conservative estimate,
44 zettabytes of data annually.

Analysts believe that all of this data will drive a new type of industrial revolution – one that’s driven by highly accurate, real- time analysis, alerts and actions. And increasingly, machines will automate decisions and simply notify humans with instructions. Consider the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT), where any object can be connected to the Internet and continuously send and receive data. As more devices, machines and industrial assets connect and communicate real-time data, ecosystems connecting businesses will harness this data to radically change the way they function and act. Streaming analytics (see sidebar) can extract the meaning from this data in an instant, as it is created, and automate reactions with millisecond response times. As explored in this paper, this can mean the difference between remaining competitive or falling behind – and opens the door to revolutionary business models that can revitalize productivity and success.

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