Real-time personalization: The next level of customer engagement

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While many people talk about real-time personalization, this term can mean different things to different people. Some programs focus on inbound communications over website, mobile, call center, in-person, kiosk/ATM and other inbound channels. Others focus on outbound marketing, and still others on a specific channel such as email or website interactions.

Done right, real-time personalization can generate tremendous payback—increasing sales and revenue, enhancing online conversion, boosting average order value, driving cross-sell and upsell, and strengthening customer loyalty and lifetime value.

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Date: 8 November 2016, 13:44 pm   |   Provider: IBM Deutschland GmbH   |   Size: 654 KB   |   Language: English
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Despite widespread recognition of the power of real-time personalization, only a handful of companies are truly effective. So what’s the problem? While lots of people talk about marketing personalization, and some are starting to talk about real-time personalization, these terms can mean different things to different people. Some marketers may be focused more on inbound communications, others on outbound marketing, and still others may be focused on a specific channel like email or website interactions.

The truth is, many marketers focus on ...

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Project Manager’s Guide to Getting Things Done

How to set goals, organize teamwork, and measure success

Step 1: Set the stage

A lack of clear direction is a common cause of project inefficiency. If you’re building a website or planning an event, for example, you need to visualize the end result and work out how you’re going to get there. Without tangible goals, people procrastinate or spend time on non-essential tasks.

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2016 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study

IBM Marketing Cloud’s annual report of email marketing benchmarks is back, offering marketers 25 open, click- through, list churn and mobile metrics to help you see where you rank, delivering more visuals so you can better understand the data, and sharing more observations to help you improve your marketing programs.

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Today’s elite marketers both do marketing and run marketing. They are highly analytical — planning, measuring and proactively managing their marketing investments to ensure they are hitting their revenue target year on year. They are focused on their performance. And they have complete control and visibility over their marketing spend. Knowing where their marketing dollars have the greatest impact, they can adjust and reallocate as needed to ensure they are on track for success.

Becoming an elite marketer requires real work behind the scene ...

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