Virtual Patching in Mixed Environments: How It Works to Protect You

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Vulnerabilities in Web applications, servers, and endpoints can pose significant threats to organizations if hackers use them to gain entry into enterprise networks. The fact that vulnerabilities are commonly used to facilitate attacks reveals how security gaps can lead to serious consequences such as loss of critical data and, subsequently, devastating financial losses.

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Date: 11 February 2016, 16:46 pm   |   Provider: Trend Micro UK Ltd   |   Size: 1.09 MB   |   Language: English
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Server Security: Virtualization and Cloud Changes Everything

This Technology Spotlight highlights how cloud computing and virtualization have transformed the way organizations should view server security. Although organizations have considerable interest in endpoint and perimeter network security, the modern data center, which includes physical, virtual, and often cloud servers, remains a valuable but neglected component of the infrastructure that must be protected. Importantly, most enterprises using the cloud will be deployed in a hybrid architecture for the foreseeable future, with workloads in the da ...

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2017 Threat Report - Discussion Guide

The Cylance 2017 Threat Report offers valuable analysis on the current state of cybersecurity. The information provided in the report is unavailable anywhere else. This Cylance® study includes research and information drawn from internal data and feedback provided by Cylance customers. The report offers considerable insights into recent threat trends and related security issues.

Some key findings of this report merit further discussion. These conversations represent an opportunity to dig deeper into the implications of current security stra ...

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By focusing on frequent code integration, automated testing, and keeping
the mainline code version in a state that is deployable to production at any
time, CI/CD aims to eliminate the risks and friction of traditional waterfall
software development. Add to that the practice of continuous deployment
and you can move to a situation where the latest and greatest software version
is not just always ready to be deployed—it’s deployed on a frequent basis. ...

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Economics of Insecurity

The information security field is economically inefficient. This is both good and bad. Bad, because it means billions of dollars are squandered on solutions which offer their buyers sub-optimal returns. Good, because the opportunities exist to operate more efficiently and thereby improve the quality of life for everyone.
This paper will examine how we know economic inefficiencies exist and why the industry seems unwilling to address them. By understanding these issues, companies will be better able to select effective IT security solutions tha ...

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Using MITRE ATT&CK™ in Threat Hunting and Detection

MITRE ATT&CK1 is an open framework and knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations. ATT&CK provides a common taxonomy of the tactical objectives of adversaries and their methods. Having a taxonomy by itself has many valuable uses, such as providing a common vocabulary for exchanging information with others in the security community. But it also serves as a real technical framework for classifying your current detection efforts and identifying gaps where you are blind to certain types of attack beh ...

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