Deliver Better Applications using Database Development Best Practices

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Building quality code with distributed project teams in complex environments

Delivering properly functioning, easily maintainable, bug-free code really is harder than it used to be. Not only do development teams have to deal with frequently changing requirements and tight project timelines, they also must find ways to work effectively in distributed project teams, and with larger, more complex database environments than even just a few years ago. The resulting challenges include:

• Ensuring that the code works properly
• Ensuring that the application functions not only today, but also years
into the future
• Dealing with everyday setbacks, such as coding errors and rework, in
the most effective way
• Making sure development projects are versioned properly
• Ensuring code will perform adequately in a production environment
• Preventing additional development cycles on projects that have
already been released to production
• Keeping up with new demands related to the changing IT and data
landscape while staying on top of current projects

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