Protecting Your SaaS Applications

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IDC believes that in the 3rd Platform era, the best approach to protecting email services like Office 365, which reside in the cloud, is one that synergistically ties together the embedded security mechanisms offered by the email service provider with adjacent security technologies and strong processes and policies managed by the business owner of the data. This Technology Spotlight examines the security risks of software as a service (SaaS) in the era of expanding cloud use. The paper also looks at the growing security capabilities of SaaS applications and the efforts by Microsoft to better secure its SaaS offerings through partnerships with third-party cloud and security solution providers.

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Dealing With the Problem of Targeted Email Attacks

Targeted email attacks are a serious issue for organizations of all sizes and across every industry. Trend Micro’s and other industry research have shown that these focused emails are by far the number one initial attack vector for targeted attacks on enterprise data. In fact, they account for more than 95% of initial intrusions that lead to important data breaches. Moreover, Osterman Research found in a survey conducted during September 2014 that 47% of organizations considered targeted email attacks to be a very high priority to address and p ...

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Zukunftsstudie: Die Zeit nach dem Passwort

Traditionell beruht die Sicherung unserer Online-Identität auf einer einzigen Schlüsselmethode: Passwörtern.
Seit Jahrzehnten sind Passwörter das Tor zu unseren digitalen Identitäten und zu dem was wir online tun.

Passwörter sind die idealen Ziele für Cyber-Angriffe.

In dieser Studie haben über 4.000 Mitarbeiter aus Europa teilgenommen und gibt einen schnellen Überblick drei wichtige Bereiche:

- 4 Trends zum Verwalten von Passwörtern
- Den Einfluss von Passwörtern auf die Gesundheit von Arbeitnehmern
- Zukunftstrends im Bereich Iden ...

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Getting Started with Zero Trust

Zero Trust security throws away the idea that we should have a “trusted” internal network and an “untrusted” external network. The adoption of mobile and cloud means that we can no longer have a network perimeter-centric view of security; instead, we need to securely enable access for the various users (employees, partners, contractors, etc.) regardless of their location, device or network. There is no silver bullet when it comes to achieving a Zero Trust security architecture, but identity and access management is the core technology that orga ...

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SPECIAL REPORT: Enterprises Across Europe, the Middle East and Africa Slowly Embrace Cybersecurity Challenges

This report, which is based on a Forbes Insights survey of 451 enterprises across Europe, and another 200 within the Middle East and Africa, explores the state of cybersecurity in these regions and how the perceptions of business leaders and security practitioners vary on these issues. We focus primarily on the European findings but have noted where there are noticeable differences among the regions. We also provide recommendations on how companies in Europe and in the Middle East and Africa can better protect their businesses.

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Thumb original forrester tei ibm svs app mig and mod to hybrid multicloud environment

Forrester TEI Of IBM Services For Application Migration And Modernization To A Hybrid Multicloud Environment

IBM Services commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential ROI enterprises may realize by using IBM Services for migrating and modernizing their applications to a multicloud environment. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of leveraging IBM Services for application migration and modernization services for their organization. ...

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