The Digital Transformation Journey: Key Technology Considerations

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The application economy: driving the need for digital transformation

That’s a lot of money, and companies like MUFG Union Bank, Nordstrom and Swisscom are ensuring that software applications and services keep them at the forefront of this new reality. Reaching customers through these growing channels and keeping them satisfied with amazing experiences will become a default practice for any successful business.
This means that software development organizations will be under increased pressure to deliver a new generation of software apps—and the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) required by external partners—to build an ecosystem of value around the connected product.

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Practical DevOps Using ARA

Applications and services are made up of more components and integrations today than they were just a few years ago. Coupled with a much more competitive business world, this complexity has changed everything for both development (Dev) and operations (Ops).

Dev is pressed to deliver more functionality, faster, focusing on small, incremental changes, using agile methodologies and tools such as continuous integration.

The Ops environment is much larger these days, with many more servers and services than ever before. The production environm ...

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The Future of Enterprise DevOps: What You Need to Know

This eBook contains five articles that explain how DevOps was formed and propose what the future holds for this now essential app building methodology:

1. A History of DevOps
2. ARA: The Means and End of Your Digital Transformation
3. Is There Really an Ops Side to the DevOps Equation?
4. Rage Against the Machine: The Problem with DevOps Tools
5. Making DevOps a Reality for Legacy Organizations
6. The Impact of Microservices on Enterprise IT

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Reinventing Workflows - Power Your Digital Transformation And Drive Greater Impact By Modernizing Processes

The digital transformation imperative has now entered its teenage years, complete with growth spurts and awkward phases. What began as a mad dash to update and design customer-facing processes, remains - at its core - a challenging imperative to reenvision how work gets done at both the individual workflow and enterprise level. Since the beginning, true digital transformation has been the work of business process professionals. Their job is to find the right balance of process discipline, business insights, and technology to drive continuous im ...

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The Buyer's guide to flash

If you’re searching for the right data-s tor age method for your company, you’re probably overwhelmed by the number of hybrid flash and all-flash storage options out there. So how can you figure out which solution gives you a strong competitive advantage and offers the best fit for your company’s requirements? This guide lays out key information and answers common questions about flash storage, so you can make the best possible decision for your business.

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Dell Monitor Productivity Study: Examining The Effects Of External Monitors On Remote Worker Productivity

There has been a dramatic rise in the number of remote workers over the last decade and a half. Recent global events have forced a rapid boom in the number of remote workers, many of whom may remain so permanently. The number of surveys from around the globe have determined that many companies will likely transition some of their previously on-site workforces to permanent remote work positions.

To maximize productivity, choosing the right tools for a particular job is essential. This recent study reveals that the inclusion of an additional m ...

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