"Cyberattacks are an opportunity in themselves."
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German companies and decision-makers are still hesitant when it comes to the digital transformation of their businesses. Especially in an international comparison, Germany is lagging behind. Innovations are only implemented when an (international) proof of concept has been provided. Where does this hesitation come from? 

Neff: I don't quite share this opinion in practice. Often it is not obvious to the outside world in which stages the digital transformation is taking place. The big success is still the unachieved goal, but many sub-areas - even those of the public sector - are...

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Ways of Improving Cybersecurity
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Cybersecurity is a process or a technology that is aimed at protecting computers, information, data or networks from unauthorized access, damage or theft. Cybersecurity has a key objective which is to protect systems from cyberattacks which is increasing at a higher rate especially in the field of business. Many companies are offering cybersecurity training which is of great importance in this society of technological advancement. Cyber training is also important because it reduces the gaps in security skills and improve reliability in information gathering. There are several ways of...

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