IT Security 2018: These were the 3 big concerns of IT managers
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Thinking of the IT security incidents of 2018, threats like Spectre, Coinhive and Scarab come to mind. These were events that were covered by the media and attracted widespread attention. And they were examples that made it clear that IT security in companies is more relevant than ever before. But do these incidents also reflect the issues that most interest IT decision-makers? An exclusive flash study by now provides insightful answers. In cooperation with the B2B platform selfcampaign, we have scrutinised the online behaviour of IT decision-makers. The study is based...

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Inside Story
The Most Stubborn Myths About Email Encryption
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Email encryption is an important way to protect sensitive data. However, many companies still do without it. They find the technology too expensive, too complicated, or even unnecessary. It's high time to get rid of these stubborn myths.

Email encryption? – I don't need it! This may be what some small or medium-sized companies think. What do I have to hide? Who argues in such a way, goes into dangerous terrain. Because in fact it is legally prescribed to encrypt e-mails with personal data - and not only since the new EU data protection basic regulation. This was...

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