Electric cars are the future – especially with the right battery 
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The shift towards electric mobility can no longer be halted. However, there are still a number of unanswered questions as far as technology is concerned: the focus is on the battery. Scientifically speaking, it should be called a rechargeable battery, because a regular battery cannot be recharged. In general usage, however, the term battery has established itself. With their range and service life, the acceptance of electric cars stands or falls. In addition, a sufficient number of charging stations is important; at the beginning of 2019 there were already more than 13,000 publicly...

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What will the car industry look like in 2050?
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Diesel scandal. An association that imposes driving bans in court. For various reasons, the future of the automotive industry is fraught with question marks. It seems difficult to make a long-term forecast.

McKinsey has now dared to tackle this problem and prepared a study on what the future of mobility in Europe could look like in 2050. In particular, the study focuses on the possibilities of securing the current success against the competition from China and the USA.


Sustainability and pioneering technology

The McKinsey study, published under the title "Race 2050...

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Which topics interested fleet managers most about company cars 2018?
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What is new in alternative mobility, what are the best vehicle models and what is legally relevant in the use of company cars this year or next? – These are the topics that have interested fleet managers the most this year. This is shown by a recent survey by the DSP selfcampaign.


Alternatives to diesel: electric, hybrid or petrol?

A total of 153,123 articles read were evaluated. Almost 12 percent of the articles read by decision-makers who were taken into consideration for our study dealt with the topics "electric drive", "alternative mobility" and...

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