Social Media, SEO and Co: These are the top 5 topics in online marketing
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In cooperation with our partner, the DSP selfcampaign, we have exclusively analysed which were the most important topics in online marketing in 2018. 


Topic No. 1: Social Media

By far the most important topic for online marketers are the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. More than 82 percent of all articles read by decision-makers dealt with this topic. This is the result of a recent survey by our affiliated data partner selfcampaign.

No wonder – after all, most advertising-relevant user groups in social networks are on the move. In addition,...

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The 5 most important social networks for business decision makers
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There are quite some studies on social media usage in companies. Most of them are based on surveys of decision-makers or qualitative analyses of individual networks. Together with the B2B trade portal selfcampaign, CMOatWork dares a new approach: In an exclusive reception study we looked at which social networks are written about – and which networks business decision makers use to gather information. The basis of our data is the evaluation of the use of connected specialist websites, which provide information on the keywords for which articles are consumed on the Internet. On...

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Pinterest marketing strategies for your business
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Social media marketing has now become the most popular marketing strategy for most businesses. There is a huge target market already on most social media platforms. Until now, Pinterest has been a very underrated social network. But with the right Pinterest marketing strategies, you can get your business noticed, which equates to the great success of the business.


How to Get Started with Pinterest for your Business


  • Create a Pinterest business account.
  • Add a clear description of your business on your profile.
  • Link your Pinterest business account to your website. That way...

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