Boosting Your ROI with Predictive Targeting
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With the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and big data, the face of online marketing is changing for the better. These technologies have given rise to effective marketing techniques such as predictive targeting. This strategy is a technology that uses machine learning to analyse big data (regarding similar client attributes and online profiles) for a more efficient ad targeting.


How does Predictive Targeting Work?

Ad networks feed the machine learning algorithms with large volumes of data. The algorithms are then programmed to gradually learn from the data and are...

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The Huge Potential of Big Data to Increase ROI
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Many companies are reaping the benefits of big data, successfully turning around poor growth and driving their return on investment (ROI). Collecting big data is a challenge in itself but, fortunately, there are professional companies who can help with this. Once you start to harvest your big data, the potential benefits far outweigh any challenges. You can learn about your customers, your websites, and your product/service performance to improve your offerings and, therefore, your ROI.

How big data can help with your ROI

Big data can tell you what websites, social networks, and news...

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Integrating Big Data and Creativity in Marketing
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Big Data gives a business an upper hand in its activities in more ways than one. It gives businesses a better way of planning and setting achievable goals. The evolution of businesses in a bid to meet customers' demands in marketing has always been influenced by the availability of Big Data. Creativity, on the other hand, cannot be erased in marketing. Integration of these two facets, Big Data and Creativity, in marketing is a very potent undertaking.


Why we need Big Data

Data access is not limited to geographical location. It can be accessed from many devices and this...

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Practical Advice
Data Driven Marketing: What it is and why it matters
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Data Driven Marketing (DDM) is the use of customer data to inform and influence marketing decisions. This may be either primary data – often collated from customer surveys – or secondary data such as browsing or search habits. Data Driven Marketing has become increasingly accessible to companies at all levels with the introduction of online customer panels.

Aspects of Data Driven Marketing

Traditional online marketing methods are becoming less effective as consumers block ads, ignore click-through opportunities and move to social networks. Adding value is crucial: There...

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