“Intent data is a deep dive into a target group.” – An interview with Canio Martino
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Canio Martino is Chief Operating Officer and Chief Digital Officer at the B2B Media Group. In an interview with, he reveals exactly what intent data entails in the B2B sector and how it boosts data-driven marketing.


The scattergun approach is becoming increasingly rare in online marketing. Instead, more and more marketers are deploying targeted advertising using intent data. What exactly does this involve?

Well, first of all, let’s define the term “intent data” for the B2B sector, as it’s used in various ways and can often be misunderstood....

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The rise of Influencer marketing in B2B
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Influencer marketing is gaining a lot of hype with brand marketers. The increase of hard to convince millennials has prompted digital marketers to turn to social media stars to help them in selling their products. While influencer marketing has been mostly associated with B2C brands, B2B brands are seeing opportunities that will work for them, too. Some of the popular influencer marketers may be found at LinkedIn, American Express, Salesforce and Hubspot


What are the advantage of influencer marketing? 

A major advantage of influencer marketing is that they can add ...

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