Social Media, SEO and Co: These are the top 5 topics in online marketing
Thumb online marketing trends2018

In cooperation with our partner, the DSP selfcampaign, we have exclusively analysed which were the most important topics in online marketing in 2018. 


Topic No. 1: Social Media

By far the most important topic for online marketers are the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. More than 82 percent of all articles read by decision-makers dealt with this topic. This is the result of a recent survey by our affiliated data partner selfcampaign.

No wonder – after all, most advertising-relevant user groups in social networks are on the move. In addition,...

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Pricing – necessity and challenge in business practice
Thumb pricing strategy

The industry is becoming smart, is constantly changing and pricing is gaining more and more more momentum for companies in addition to sales structure and advertising. Good pricing is becoming an important instrument for controlling pricing and is regarded as an important lever for determining the profitability of a company. How does pricing come about? Which solutions exist and how can pricing be optimized?


Pricing in companies 

Psychologists, philosophers, economists and even historians deal with the topic "price". Medium-size entrepreneurs ask themselves...

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