Ponemon Cloud Security Study – more data security in the cloud 
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Leading IT experts recently found that not all cloud data is stored securely. The Ponemon Institute recently conducted a study to investigate data security in the cloud. 

65% of information security experts want to store their object data in the cloud. However, 47% of IT managers doubt that the data in the cloud is as secure as in their own corporate data center. The new study therefore examines the perception of data storage technologies that are based on on-premise or the cloud. To this end, 483 information technology experts with extensive knowledge of the individual object storage...

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Gemalto Global Cloud Data Security Study: The Cloud As A Risk?!
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Many european countries have always focused on protecting the assets stored in their corporate clouds. One of these is UK and Germany. However, the United Kingdom now seems to fall behind. This is according to the recent study that Gemalto, a digital security company, has conducted. 


Data Privacy and Protection

The need to regulate data in the cloud has continually been dire since customer information and payment information among other vital information are always at stake, because of their high level of sensitivity. Hence, many companies have...

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The Cloud Might Be Even More Costly And Unsecure Than You Think
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Many companies are making a transition from their own IT infrastructure to cloud resources. This movement of crucial data to the cloud is being procured to enhance storage and safety of data, but few people are aware of the dangers that this technology could pose to the company. 


Cost Factor

Some companies are going for cloud sourcing to reduce the operating costs in data storage, but this could be a temporary way of cutting costs. At the moment, cloud sourcing seems like a cheap way of data storage. However, the costs are expected to go up as more companies get onboard,...

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Cloud Vendors and Users Need To Collaborate
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Security is a very important issue when working on projects using the cloud. Often, business leaders will view the cloud provider as the responsibility holder in terms of security, it does, however, require a more collaborative approach. Business leaders and the cloud providers should work together when it comes to security issues, and work to provide a safe and secure solution. Cloud computing is a good option for businesses looking to save money, and provides streamline solutions to issues like data processing, and storage needs. 


About Cloud Security 

It is a lot easier...

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