3 Major Findings of the Palo Alto Security Survey
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According to the Cloud Security Report, security concerns are currently on the rise, heightened by the shortage of experienced security workers and the inability of many legacy security equipment to address the modern information technology environments. The report highlights the main results of a comprehensive security survey of approximately 400,000 information security workers in partnership with the cybersecurity insiders. 

The main findings include, but not limited to security concerns and the headaches to the budget trajectories and threats. Here are the main findings of the...

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid clouds? 
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A hybrid cloud is a blend of two or more distinct cloud structures, using private and public clouds to provide separate functions within the same organisation. Hybrid cloud structures retain their unique entities but are able to seamlessly integrate data and applications. However, building a hybrid cloud does pose some challenges and it might not be the best solution for every company. 


The downsides of hybrid clouds 

One major reason for not proceeding with a hybrid cloud is the initial cost of investment. Although a hybrid cloud can save costs once it is up and running...

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Efficient Data Cleansing
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That several organizations are drowning in dirty data is so much true. The repercussions include setbacks in the economy and a significant number of businesses have been trying to deal with it using clean-up processes, also called data cleansing or data scrubbing. The importance of data scrubbing cannot be emphasized enough, but first, what does the term mean? 


What is Data Cleansing? 

Many databases contain duplicates, half-finished, erroneously formatted or incorrect data. The process of amending or getting rid of this data is called data cleansing. Business...

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Creating Security Solutions for Hybrid Cloud Storage
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Businesses today operate in a highly digital world, which has turned data into a company’s biggest resource. It is what has led to the growth of cloud storage. By keeping data in the cloud, enterprises have easy access to it, not to mention the scalability and flexibility that a virtual server offers. However, companies will have their data stored in other locations like on-premise servers or public clouds. When you have data spread out across physical and virtual servers, security can be a difficult undertaking.

Every enterprise must invest in sound hybrid cloud security to...

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Gemalto Global Cloud Data Security Study: The Cloud As A Risk?!
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Many european countries have always focused on protecting the assets stored in their corporate clouds. One of these is UK and Germany. However, the United Kingdom now seems to fall behind. This is according to the recent study that Gemalto, a digital security company, has conducted. 


Data Privacy and Protection

The need to regulate data in the cloud has continually been dire since customer information and payment information among other vital information are always at stake, because of their high level of sensitivity. Hence, many companies have...

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The Cloud Might Be Even More Costly And Unsecure Than You Think
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Many companies are making a transition from their own IT infrastructure to cloud resources. This movement of crucial data to the cloud is being procured to enhance storage and safety of data, but few people are aware of the dangers that this technology could pose to the company. 


Cost Factor

Some companies are going for cloud sourcing to reduce the operating costs in data storage, but this could be a temporary way of cutting costs. At the moment, cloud sourcing seems like a cheap way of data storage. However, the costs are expected to go up as more companies get onboard,...

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The Cloud-Based Skills Gap: Keeping Pace with a Changing Environment
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Cloud-based computing is normally associated with increased in-house efficiency, superior levels of redundancy and more efficient approaches to IT-based tasks. Unfortunately, this appears to be more of a myth than a reality. Recent research has found that a lack of the appropriate skills is dramatically impacting the potential ROI associated with such systems. Not only can this have a debilitating effect upon day-to-day operations, but this so-called skills gap is also making it difficult for organisations to leverage the power of the cloud to their advantage. What have statistics shown?


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Cloud Vendors and Users Need To Collaborate
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Security is a very important issue when working on projects using the cloud. Often, business leaders will view the cloud provider as the responsibility holder in terms of security, it does, however, require a more collaborative approach. Business leaders and the cloud providers should work together when it comes to security issues, and work to provide a safe and secure solution. Cloud computing is a good option for businesses looking to save money, and provides streamline solutions to issues like data processing, and storage needs. 


About Cloud Security 

It is a lot easier...

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Moving Towards a Cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Management in 3 Steps
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You are probably thinking about the fastest, low-cost and most efficient way of ensuring that your organisation migrates to a multi-platform enterprise mobility management status without compromising on your security and performance. Let's take a look at the three simple steps that will guide you through the journey:


1. Prepare for the launch

You will need to prepare for the journey ahead of you. Critically evaluate the level of security, application management and device management that your organisation will need. You should consider about adopting the policy of ...

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Securing IoT Device in Enterprises
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IoT stands for 'internet of things' and refers to any device where you have a lack of control over the software run on it. These can include security devices, house control gadgets and countless other pieces of tech that have been increasingly popular lately. However, despite how useful these gadgets are, it is frustrating to know whether they are secure and ensure they are running securely. Since these devices are often security related they could easily give open access to private information which is extremely worrying.

How can I secure my IoT Device?

There are a few...

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