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How to make Employee Performance Review Successful
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Every organisation needs to conduct employee performance reviews to examine the performance of workers in the firm. The examination is performed most often, such as four times a year, after every six months or annually, to achieve the goals of the company consistently. The following include several key points a manager needs to consider to have a successful employee performance assessment meeting:


Preparation and goal setting 

As a manager, you first need to set the objectives you are aiming to achieve from a review meeting, and also define the methods to use in your...

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Practical Advise
How to Run Good Meetings
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Business organisations conduct meetings either to convey an important information or for strategic planning and making decisions for various issues facing the firm. A well planned and effective meeting is important to any business entity in many ways: Effective meetings are cost effective and produces a sense purpose and accountability to all the members attending the meeting. Also, many things are settled in a short and reasonable time and with less efforts, which increases innovating rate and responsiveness to market demand.


Features of an effective meeting...

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Practical Advice
3 Aspects for a Successful Job Training on Digitalisation
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The mere fact that there have been drastic changes driven by processing power, storage, and bandwidth in the world of technology is a sign that there is a need for us to change the dynamics of business processes including how we teach and train our labour force. Even so, given that creating a digital culture isn't something that can be easily improvised, many human resource and training leaders have had a tedious time facing the new challenges that come about as a result. In light of this, the only way to convert a company to digital is by training the employees for digitisation.


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