Eliminate Bandwidth and Latency Problems
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The need to process data faster is the main reason why edge computing is becoming popular by the day. Cloud computing is now viewed to have a slow latency compared to edge computing, and that is why it is popular. Its low latency in processing information is the reason why important data is handled at the edge of the network. 


Benefits of Edge Computing 

With so many people aware of the internet today, a large percentage of people have based their daily activities on the internet – enterprises even more so. But to fulfill all tasks in a timely manner, internet...

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Practical Advice
Dealing with Shadow IT: All You Need To Know
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Shadow IT is an information technology solution, created and used in a firm without its consent. Business users in an enterprise with increased websites and apps will opt to try shadow IT whenever they feel that their wants are not addressed accordingly. Good news is; it is possible to deal with shadow IT effectively as discussed below. 


What Causes Shadow IT? 

When a firm’s IT department is slow and doesn’t serve the employees’ needs to their satisfaction, some of these clients will choose to improve the functionality and will venture into shadow IT...

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What is Working Out Loud?
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Working Out Loud is an approach for relationships' building and collaboration. It is a concept that helps establish and grow meaningful contacts for companies as well as individuals.


Are you facing layoff or company reorganization?

Working Out Loud, also referred to as peer support circles, is a fantastic way to reach out to more people and achieve more possibilities. Unlike other social networks, this idea is aimed at creating relationships founded on generosity and common purpose. It is an activity-packed element that allows the discovery of new and immense opportunities. ...

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Practical Advise
Tips for more IT security on international trips
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Overseas travel is a normal procedure for many business people. However, it comes with risks like the loss of equipment, spyware in hotel rooms and data theft through open WI-FI. Here is how to protect your data on international business trips:


1. Update your hardware and software

Before you board a plane, ensure that all firmware on your devices are updated. Not updating your firmware makes your device more vulnerable to hacks and attacks. 


2. Only carry what you need

When travelling overseas, you should only carry the data that you absolutely will need. Store all...

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Practical Advice
Key Elements Of An Effective IT Strategy
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IT is a core part of a business in today’s modern world due to the numerous benefits it offers. Companies need IT for communication, marketing, sales and other critical operations. Information technology improves efficiency, productivity and revenue growth. This importance of IT is why it needs its own separate strategy in an organisation. A majority of companies fail to capitalise on the full potential of their IT departments due to the lack of a concrete strategy.


Must Align with Enterprise Goals

An actionable IT policy must take into account the objectives of the entire...

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Practical Advise
Creating a Good Disaster Recovery Plan
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What will you do when your enterprise is suddenly without electricity – for a week? Organization operations may be affected unexpectedly in case unplanned incidences occur. Disasters as such can result from human error, power outages, virus attacks and other causes. It’s the role of the management to set measures to ensure that the business can deal with these tragedies when they occur: A disaster recovery plan (DRP) is a documented approach for strategies to be used as a response in case unplanned events occur. A DRP must have all steps to be followed during such...

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Practical Advice
How to Prevent CEO Fraud
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According to a report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, over $3 billion has been lost in the past three years due to CEO fraud or Business Email Compromise. And the impact has been nothing short of significant in all the reported cases. In fact, since the FBI started tracking the CEO frauds, it has compiled about 7000 plus victimized U.S companies and losses amounting to about $740 million and counting.


Beware of the signs

While most times you will barely realize that there has been a Business Email Compromise until it's too late, there are certain red flags that could help...

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Practical Advice
Embracing Shadow IT in businesses
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What happens when employees feel that the IT department is not being innovative enough to fulfilling their needs? Employees may become less innovative and inefficient in their duties, but with the pressures of performing on today's workplace, they tend to find solutions elsewhere. This is why shadow IT is quickly growing as an alternative solution.


What is Shadow IT?

When technology is implemented by an individual or team without the approval of the IT team it is shadow IT. For example, an entire department may decide to use a different cloud computing environment from the rest...

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CIOs Score Huge As Influencers of Business
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During their annual CIO survey held this year, Nash and KPMG expressed to the world that technology leaders are experiencing a change that has soared to unprecedented levels, and all this is coming from unexpected quarters. Executives in technology are taking advantage of the uncertainty by assisting their firms become more tech savvy and to get through transformation and be successful.


CIOs become more integrated and important

For a decade, the impact of CIOs in the economy has been at a record high. Most of them can be seen in the boardrooms more frequently. They are leaders who...

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Practical Advice
How to make Employee Performance Review Successful
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Every organisation needs to conduct employee performance reviews to examine the performance of workers in the firm. The examination is performed most often, such as four times a year, after every six months or annually, to achieve the goals of the company consistently. The following include several key points a manager needs to consider to have a successful employee performance assessment meeting:


Preparation and goal setting 

As a manager, you first need to set the objectives you are aiming to achieve from a review meeting, and also define the methods to use in your...

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