Maintenance with cloud and Industry 4.0

Maintenance with cloud and Industry 4.0

Cloud Computing and Industry 4.0 are two aspects in manufacturing that are merging more and more. One good example is the Just in Time Services (JITS) solution from akquinet AG.

This application is analyzing a huge amount of data created from machine sensors and automatically sends an alert if there are problems or maintenance is needed. With these automatically alerts the planning of service and maintenance could be approved. External engineers and clients can profit from these setups due to better time management and money savings. To get alerts right in time could save off time and incidental damages in a new way.

Especially early detection could help to reduce erosion of machines, because the service team is alerted before it comes to a big problem. To realize this you need a perfect communication between machines and here is cloud computing one key for success. Industry 4.0 and cloud could help smaller specialized companies to deliver service agreements like big companies.

“We bring our JITS-solution in the cloud, to open the door for high end service agreements offered by smaller engineering companies.” Martin Weber, Business Manager of akquinet AG.

Date: 14 August 2015, 9:53 am
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