5 Security tips for the new year

5 Security tips for the new year
There are a lot of new year´s resolutions we want to be successful in 2014. You wanna loose some weight, make more sports, spend more time with friends and family, start a new lifestyle and much more. But what´s about your new year´s resolutions for 2014 depending your IT-usage and –systems?


TÜV Trust has published some useful tips for the new year. Some of them sound like standard points, but like it is with most of the new year´s resolutions, everyone knows there are several things that need to be looked at, but most times these plans are nothing else than plans. Its hard to be win the battle against the own inner temptation.


But especially for IT and IT-Security it is very important to fight these inner temptation to start already with the most important issues to get a good performing and secure IT for 2014


Intention 1: Renewing of passwords A lot of companies have already a police that says, the passwords needs to be changed every three month, but most companies do not control this. And to be honest, most people are happy if they can keep their passwords in mind. There is a good slogan: “never change a running system”. And this is one of the main slogans for a lot of other intentions for 2014 too.


But now should be the time for you to change your passwords to start the new year with new and better ones. And try not to use the same password for different services. And if you want to be a archetype, you should change them again latest in the middle of 2014 . Even if this could be complicated, you will get much more security for your applications and account with this easy step.


Intention 2: Activate automatically updates Depending on the structure of your company, your computer will get updates automatically to be always up to date. Especially if your IT is checking those updates for compatibility before delivering them to your device, this is perfect.


But with BYOD there are more and more private devices that have access to the company network and the users are responsible for updates on their own. Most systems are requesting updates as standard setup, or are asking to install updates if they are available. These updates should be installed to increase the security of the application, because those updates will close security risks too.


If you have deactivated the auto-update function, its preferred to activate this again.


Intention 3: Holding back of sensible data Social Media is already a big part of work and private life. But be aware of the site where you are joining, because you need to keep an eye, who will get your private data. Always check the service if it is thrust worth before sending them your data. Especially if you need to give them your payment data, you need to be careful. But even to give your email to criminals will cause some problems.


Intention 4: Make backups There is no different, if it is the hardware or the software that has crashed, without a backup normally you are loosing data. Therefore it is very important to do scheduled backups or automatically backups, if this feature is available. Because nothing is more frustrating than loosing work and data of a week or more. With a backup you are not always able to be up to date again, but the most data are still available.


If your company has a backup solution, use it for your computers. The easiest version of a backup solution is using an external hard disk to save your data as an backup. This should be the minimum you should do.


Intention 5: Use new operation systems and applications A lot of user are still using old operation systems or application that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. An actual example is the operation system Windows XP, that is no longer supported by Microsoft after the 8th April 2014. Depending on StatCounter Windows XP is still running on 14% of all computers in Germany.


An operation system or application without any new support brings a lot of security risks, because criminals can still find backdoors, that are not closed anymore. You open the doors for attacks if you are still using this software.


Same for applications, but operation systems are more attractive for attackers.


Like you can see, these are standard things that are easy to handle, so keep this in mind and change this for the new year, if you are not already doing it.


The B2B Media Group wishes you a perfect start to 2014.


Date: 29 December 2013, 13:40 pm
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