Crisp Research: Trends in four directions 

Crisp Research: Trends in four directions 

Crisp Research has once again taken a look into the future and predicts digitisation trends in four directions for 2019. In addition to data availability, digital strategy and human interaction with technology are possible innovations in the near future. Whether these innovations actually lead to improvements depends to a large extent on how those responsible handle the collected data and what conclusions they draw from it. 


New data sources 2019 

Data Lakes and Hadoop are now proven technologies for storing large amounts of data. According to Crisp Research, 2019 will therefore be the year of "data of understanding". In the healthcare sector, personal data such as DNA are used to administer drugs that are individually tailored to patients. The environment also plays an important role in this type of data. They are used both to prevent and predict extreme situations.

Furthermore, autonomous driving is one of the data sources that will be increasingly used in Germany in 2019. With 5G networks and low-power wild area networks, Germany continues to lag behind other industrial nations. The well-positioned countries continue to improve. Nevertheless, services such as Software-Update-Over-The-Air for vehicles should also become available in Germany. 


Digital strategy with too few ideas 

The overwhelming majority (90 percent) of companies are certified by Crisp Research to have a vision of their digital approach by mid-2019. This puts an end to the phase of lack of plan. Nevertheless, most German companies lack ideas, so that the balance between absolute planning and the fail fast & cheap approach will not be achieved until 2020.

Many companies are hiring a CDO (Chief Digital Officer) to implement their digital goals. 15 percent of German companies increase their sales with digital products in 2019. In most balance sheets, however, digital revenues only appear as subsidy business, since the costs for development are higher than the price paid by customers. 2020 should be the turning point for this.


New interaction channels 

Human interaction continues to gain importance in 2019. New interaction channels are available that still oscillate between science fiction and reality. A large amount of data and the associated possibility of use make these channels increasingly attractive.

This means that companies will have to push ahead with the networking of all interaction channels in 2019. Self-learning functions for customers and employees will be developed accordingly. Among other things, autonomous driving will increase in Germany. Data protection and security will also remain topics of increasing importance in 2019. Above all, more consideration must be given to the increased awareness of problems among users. The correct handling of data also brings advantages for companies. Provided they handle the data carefully and attach importance to transparency.


Technology – better comparability 

The comparability of software platforms should improve, leading to falling prices. If the availability of a service is guaranteed by a cloud provider, this has a greater influence on the selection than innovative nuances. Business-as-code finds its way into German companies and is aimed at employees who do not program.

For programmers, on the other hand, the new challenges require more and more knowledge. Although the time required to create digital products is becoming shorter, working in a fast technological environment requires complex knowledge of the platform. The classic Enterprise Reliability concepts are not suitable for Cloud Native Apps. Instead, the seamless transition from development to DevOps will be on the rise. Ultimately, according to Crisp Research, the success of the innovations depends on how people deal with them.

Date: 24 January 2019, 10:01 am
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