What really occupies HR professionals: The biggest HR topics for 2019

What really occupies HR professionals: The biggest HR topics for 2019

What do HR managers and HR managers focus most on in 2019? Which topics are particularly urgent? In cooperation with the DSP selfcampaign, we analyse the most widely read HR articles 2018 and come to the following conclusion: There are numerous issues in human resources. The individual top topics are closely entwined. Nevertheless, they give an indication of the most pressing areas in human resources: 


10. Probation

Regulate the probationary period fairly, comply with legal regulations, conduct probationary period discussions: HR managers are very preoccupied with all this. As a result, around 1.1% of the articles read were about laying the foundation for successful cooperation.


9. Minijobs

A controversial instrument since introduction, minjobs offer the opportunity to absorb production peaks and overtime. Many companies therefore use mini-jobs on a regular basis. A good 1.1% of the texts received dealt with the topic and thus occupy 9th place among the most important HR topics.


8. Personnel Marketing

How can a successful employer brand be built both internally and externally? If good talent is a rare commodity, additional benefits and a corporate vision strengthen employee loyalty. Personnel marketing was therefore the search target at 1.4%. 


7. Continuing education

As a result of digitalisation, personnel development is becoming increasingly important. Because competent skilled workers are becoming scarce on the labour market – many new skills may not yet exist on the regular education market. Forward-looking personnel managers therefore regularly send their employees on further training and education – and read 1.4% of articles on the subject.


6. Employment contracts 

The last hurdle before hiring an employee is the employment contract. It has highest value. But whether all relevant aspects are really covered and formulated in a legally compliant manner is often only revealed by time. Accordingly, 1.5% of the articles received dealt with contracts and their amendments.


5. Labour law

Even with a watertight employment contract, legal difficulties cannot be ruled out. Labour law and related issues therefore employ 2.7% of personnel. 


4. Termination

It is not always possible to continue along the same path with an employee. No matter whether it is a question of restructuring or individual misconduct – a personal dismissal interview provides clarification, written dismissal is indispensable. Here a sure instinct and legal knowledge are necessary. At 3.5%, this is unfortunately a strongly growing area for personnel managers.


3. Holiday entitlement

What effect does a termination during the year have on holiday entitlement? Do other holidays always have to be paid out? And what provisions do laws and collective agreements make? The subject of vacation entitlement is a continuous top topic for many personnel departments. A full 3.8% of the texts received deal with it. By the way, not only before the summer vacation – central interest exists all year round.


2. Employer Branding

An outstanding employer brand is indispensable for attracting highly qualified and competitive employees. Around 3.9% of the texts read deal with employer branding, and the trend is rising.


1. Recruiting

1st place addresses the shortage of skilled workers: hiring new colleagues is an ongoing task in human resources. How do you find qualified employees who fit into the company? This question occupies 4.1% of the workforce and is likely to increase significantly in the coming months and years.  

Date: 29 November 2018, 10:11 am
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