Insights for CISOs from the Recent Fortinet Threat Landscape Report

Insights for CISOs from the Recent Fortinet Threat Landscape Report

Keeping the much-needed pace with the current changes in the security and treat landscape is a massive task. Over time, Chief Information Security Officers have discerned which ones have actionable recommendations and insights and those that overhype their findings and provide essential or useful intelligence that any firm can act upon. 

Recently, Fortinet which is a global security leader released the findings of the latest quarterly Threat Landscape Report. This research reveals that security threats are currently on the rise and undergoing an evolution to become more sophisticated. The report was researched, integrated and automated with the cybersecurity solutions to align with the current needs of business and security leaders. 


The Main Highlights of the Report 

  • Destructive and Design Attacks are on the Rise: Most attackers are currently spending most of their time personalizing their attacks to accommodate specific attributes of their main targets and offloading the destructive payloads. The report indicates that while the total number of the exploit detections dropped, that of unique exploits increased by 73 per cent. This indicates that cyber attackers are getting much better at matching exploits to their primary targets or design attacks. The combination of the design and destructive intent of the attacks acts as a reminder to Chief Information Security Officers that they must do their best to remain diligent in minimizing and detecting destructive malware and worms. 
  • Mobile Devices Remain a Target: Aoccording to the report, more than one-quarter of the respondents experienced mobile malware attacks with the majority of them being on Android operating systems. Business decision makers must know that mobile security threats are a looming danger that must be looked at. These threats have the potential of becoming a gateway for business networks to be exploited. 


Report Recommendations 

The treat information in this report reinforces various threat prediction trends and techniques unveiled by FortiGuard Labs worldwide research team. To be ahead of the modern cybercriminals, firms need to change or transform their information security strategies as part of their transformation efforts.

Date: 7 December 2018, 12:12 pm
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