How companies protect themselves: These are the 5 most popular antivirus programs

How companies protect themselves: These are the 5 most popular antivirus programs

There are many solutions against cyber threats on the market, but companies are mainly interested in one. This is shown by a recent flash study by in cooperation with the digital marketing suite selfcampaign. From January to October 2018, the team analyzed the most popular articles on anti-virus solutions on affiliated partner websites. The result should surprise many specialists.


Five companies but only one winner

The result of the study knows a clear winner, four second placed and the one or another question mark. With 20% of all relevant article readers for the keyword "Antivirus", Kaspersky emerged as the clear winner of the competition. The victory comes as no surprise, as Kaspersky's Business Solution is regarded as an interesting solution by experts for companies of all sizes. Unexpected however is the remarkably large distance in relation to the competition: 

Neither Norton (4.72%), nor Avast (4.21%), McAfee (3.95%) or F-Secure (3.90%) come close to this result. What is surprising, is how close the competition is to each other in percentage terms. This is where the highly competitive cybersecurity market – which continues to grow year after year – comes into its own. The Avira solution, which is particularly popular in the B2C context, does not even appear on the first results pages.


Out of competition: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Surprising for some: Although no classic anti-virus software, the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware solution enjoys great popularity in the business sector. In the "antivirus" category, at 3.36%, it still ranks only slightly among the top five solutions. With other keywords, such as cybersecurity, things look even better. This is a good indicator that Malwarebytes Business Solution also has a broad following in the corporate sector.


The solutions in the quality check 

A look at current comparative tests shows that the business decision-makers on the specialist pages we analysed have a good sense of quality. In a recent study by Computerwoche, our five best-placed solutions are prominent: Here, too, Kaspersky came first with 17 out of 18 possible test points. Norton came 6th (14 points), Avast 2nd (14.5 points), McAfee 5th (14 points) and F-Secure 7th (13 points). 


User interest *

Quality points **
















* study in cooperation with selfcampaign ** study of the Computerwoche of 23.11.2018


Bottom Line 

In 2018, Kaspersky will be the clear winner in Enterprise Security, both in terms of user interest and in the quality test. Other solutions sometimes have a hard time attracting a similar amount of public attention. In terms of quality, all the companies we have identified are in the "very good" to "good" range. 

Date: 2 January 2019, 14:01 pm
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