The Effects of GDPR on ABM Tactics and Practical Recommendations

The Effects of GDPR on ABM Tactics and Practical Recommendations

The entire premise of account-based marketing provides deep consumer understanding and highly tailored data to the client at the most appropriate time. On the other hand, GDPR is undeniably a significant challenge for enterprises. But it also brings an opportunity for organisations to clean up their data, improve their business processes, enhance customer experience and put in place the right information strategy. 

Also, firm owners should be aware of the upcoming ePrivacy Regulations (ePR), which is a European Union directive that mainly focuses on the right to confidentiality, electronic communications and data protection. 


The Implications of the GDPR on ABM 

  • The Consent – Consent is the biggest component that all marketers and firms are dealing with at the moment. This term is not new under ePrivacy or GDPR. This regulation states that it is a company’s responsibility to prove the consent as a section of its general accountability. The ePrivacy Regulation and the GDPR are supposed to provide the much-needed clarity and homogenous applications across the EU. 
  • Relevance – What these principles are all clear on is that any given B2B marketing communications, irrespective of the channel, must be product-centred and the services that are currently relevant to the recipient’s job role. This means that any content or information that is shared with individuals in selected accounts should be made relevant to them and not to the accounts. 
  • Email Marketing – The GDPR and the ePrivacy are not clear whether the cooperate email addresses should be used as a personal email or as cooperate subscribers. According to Data Protection Network, business to business marketers would need to choose between the uses of legitimate or consent interests for sending their electronic communications. In this communication, experts recommend a cautious approach to the existing customers, prospect and the prospect exception. 


How GDPR Affects ABM Tactics and Practical Recommendations 

The ABM strategy normally employees a wide range of direct marketing and digital marketing tactics, which means it is essential to look at each one of them closely at how the GDPR might affect it. 

You should understand that the rules and regulations around the GDPR are still being interpreted and finalised. The practical recommendations include performing data audit, updating your privacy notices, increasing Opt-In Efforts, keeping informed, marketing preference complain and provision of relevance, resonance, and valuable content.

Date: 30 November 2018, 10:11 am
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