Gartner’s Technological Trends for 2019

Gartner’s Technological Trends for 2019

Gartner released a second segment of the annual Gartner trends. The previous one concentrated on strategic forecasts, but this one has focused on technology trends. Here is what Gartner thinks will happen in the world of technology in the coming year: 


Autonomous things 

There has been spiking investments in autonomous things for years. There is a race to the autonomy of all kinds among the most prominent companies around the world. Autonomous things will be supported by various technologies such as IoT and AI. 



Gartner says that by 2022, 40% of new app development will incorporate AI co-developers. AI will boost autonomous vehicles, app development, and analytics. Scores of other platforms and activities will arise to accelerate development and distribution. 


Digital Twins 

A digital twin is a replica of physical things, people, processes, places, devices, and systems for various purposes. This technology combines machine learning, artificial intelligence, and software analytics with spatial networks to make a live digital simulation that change as their physical equivalents change. 


Empowered Edge 

In this trend, computing will go beyond centralised facilities to the edge of networks where data will be stored, processed and revealed. This is a significant trend, and hopefully, Gartner will talk more about it in the future. 


Immersive experience 

Gartner’s immersive experience is a curl on augmented reality with more sensory features. Gartner has extended this concept to incorporate extra stimuli and responses. It is likely that companies with services and products that can be improved with a multi-experience based AR will experiment with the expanded technology. 



Gartner says that the blockchain business will be worth $3.1 trillion by 2030. The blockchain platform’s growth, standardisation, and applications in various industries are almost guaranteed, and this makes it a legitimate technology trend. 


Privacy and ethics 

Privacy and ethics are complicated trends topics. Everyone likes the convenience of e-Commerce which is backed by the data collected from their online activities. Would an Amazon shopper sacrifice the convenient online experience for privacy? Is privacy important to shoppers if it means missing out on fabulous deals?

Date: 28 November 2018, 11:11 am
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