The Main Findings of the New Global IT Research Report

The Main Findings of the New Global IT Research Report

In this mid year, Vanson Bourne contacted research on Nutanix's behalf to gain insight into the business plans for adopting hybrid, private and public clouds. The main responded base spanned various industries, geographies and business sizes across the world. 

Information technology decision makers were required to provide information about their cloud challenges and where and when they plan to run their business applications. Also, they were required to explain how their company cloud initiatives performed compared to other information technology priorities and projects. 


How to Build an Ideal IT Model 

According to the research, information technology teams should know that workloads with predictable features and characteristics like the storage input-output requirements, bandwidth consumption, and the number of concurrent users often run cost-effectively in the private cloud. 

It is also easy to forecast the consumption requirements of the predictable workloads and plan on how to add resources as required to accommodate the expected growth. On the other hand, the unpredictable workloads like those that are seasonal or those supporting customer services, often perform better in the public cloud. This is why a public cloud is in the position to provide greater information technology resource elasticity to satisfy the dynamic application needs. 

Concerning agility and the digital transformation, companies should know that runtime environments for business applications change constantly. This means there is a need for excellent orchestration and the application of mobility across all the cloud environments so as to move all the applications to the right cloud. 


The Key Findings of the Report 

  • Security is the top of mind in determining company workloads – 71 per cent of the respondents involved in the research ranked information security and regulation as the main factors in determining a perfect place to provision their workloads. This was closely followed by performance at 62 per cent, the ease of management at 53 per cent and the cost at 52 per cent. 
  • It is difficult to find hybrid IT talent – 57 per cent of the respondents indicated that their application developers are circumventing information technology when it comes to running the applications, which puts the entire organisation at risk. 
  • The hybrid cloud better addresses enterprise needs over the single public cloud – Approximately 87 per cent of all respondents indicated that the hybrid cloud as an information technology trend is having positive impacts on their businesses. They also said that more hybrid cloud consumers reported all their requirements were being met compared to the single public cloud customers. 
  • EMEA will be expected to surpass Americans with the hybrid cloud adoption – According to the regional research, the Americans indicated greater use of the hybrid clouds and within a period of 12 months’ time. However, a two-year outlook has EMEA surpassing their hybrid plans and the APJ is catching up.
Date: 23 November 2018, 10:11 am
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