The Emerging Power of the Employees

The Emerging Power of the Employees

Concerning the employer side, the opinion of one's employees is increasingly gaining popularity and value. How essential are the applicants to the negative employee ratings on your employer review portal and to what extent do they affect your organisation's reputation and employee development? The Rundstedt’s career and outplacement consulting recently identified this in its representative Talents and Trends survey.

According to the Von Rundstedt study, more and more young talents or job seekers base their decision for an employer on the comments in review portals. They understand that most negative comments originate from dissatisfied ex-employees. The job seekers make their applications dependent on positive company ratings. The rating portals Yelp, Kununu and Jameda are essential parts of everyday life.  


Findings of the Research 

From the research, it turns out that firms should by no means take the negative comments in the review portals lightly. Around 43% of those surveyed indicated that both the current and future employer should ensure that their review portals contain positive statements. In the research, more than half of the respondents confirmed this statement. 


Positive Enterprise Valuations Are in Demand Especially Among the Youth 

Negative comments or results on rating review portals should not be taken lightly by organisations. According to 43% of the respondents, it is essential that all employers are rated as positive as possible. Nearly a third of the surveyed respondents are rather unwilling to work for organisations that have poor employer rating. 

Despite this, approximately 66% of the respondents say that they know that most dissatisfied employees are providing their reviews while the satisfied workers tend not to give their rating. They, therefore, understand that the results could be distorted by frustrated ex-employees. Approximately 35% indicated that they evaluate their current employer. 


Negative Employer Reviews 

Whether co-employee cohesion, equal rights or social benefits, the online survey and evaluation of employers play an essential role, especially in the recruitment process of the employees. Most of the respondents say that they usually consult the employer's assessment portals like and Kununu before they apply for any job. 

Young talents are particularly the pioneers here together with the higher educated respondents. Prior to an initial application, 29% inform themselves about the rating portals to remove or filter out once positively rated or valued organisations. As for 28 to 29-year-olds, their pre-selection is already 40%. Concerning employer branding, organisations should react when active and ex-employees express negatively in the employee portals such as Kununu.

Date: 23 November 2018, 9:11 am
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