3 Major Findings of the Palo Alto Security Survey

3 Major Findings of the Palo Alto Security Survey

According to the Cloud Security Report, security concerns are currently on the rise, heightened by the shortage of experienced security workers and the inability of many legacy security equipment to address the modern information technology environments. The report highlights the main results of a comprehensive security survey of approximately 400,000 information security workers in partnership with the cybersecurity insiders. 

The main findings include, but not limited to security concerns and the headaches to the budget trajectories and threats. Here are the main findings of the Palo Alto Cloud security survey. 


Cloud Security Concerns 

As the adoption of public cloud computing in organisations continues to surge, information technology security concerns are not showing any signs of abating. Approximately 90 per cent of cybersecurity experts say that they are extremely concerned about the public cloud security up to approximately 11 per cent of the points from the previous year. 

While most security workers provide lots of information technology security measures, client firms are ultimately responsible for the security of their workloads in the cloud. The three major IT security challenges highlighted by most cybersecurity experts in the survey are protecting against information leakage and loss, threats to data privacy and the breaches of confidentiality


The Biggest Cloud Security Threats 

According to the survey, misconfiguration of information technology cloud platforms was leading in the 2018 survey as the biggest and main threat to cloud security. It was followed closely by the unauthorised access of the cloud systems through improper access controls, misuse of worker credentials and insecure system interfaces. 


Operational Security Headaches 

As more and more workloads migrate to the cloud, cybersecurity experts are increasingly beginning to realise the problems involved in protecting the workloads. The main security challenges, according to the survey, include SOCs struggling with the visibility into the infrastructure security and compliance. 

Also, designing and setting consistent information security policies across the cloud and on-premises environments are tied to the security not keeping up with the current pace of change in most applications.

Date: 15 November 2018, 10:11 am
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