Securing Your Mobile Applications from Cyber Threats 

Securing Your Mobile Applications from Cyber Threats 

Mobile applications are powerful business tools that facilitate communication, transactions, and business continuity. As smartphone usage increases over the world, there is an urgent need to secure applications for the protection of both user and company data. 

To ensure the perfect functioning of apps, it is essential for developers to put in place a mobile security testing strategy that will unearth any security loopholes and subsequently fix the issues to thwart any attempted hacking, tapping or other cyber threats. 


Why It Is Crucial To Test Mobile Security 

Prevent Possible Attacks: While you can never really tell if and when hackers try to infiltrate your mobile application and steal your invaluable data, you can audit your code to find soft targets or areas that hackers are more likely exploit. Once you find loopholes and other vulnerabilities, you can apply the appropriate fix before you’re faced with an actual threat. 

Compliance with the Security Standards: Application security testing is not only an integral part of the application development process, but cybersecurity laws from various regions also mandate it. Additionally, it is a requirement before being awarded an ISO certification for your software product. 


What You Should Asses during the Security Testing 

When auditing the code and the functionality of a mobile application before deployment, the areas that you should cover include: 

  1. Performance: Check whether the application has adequate network coverage and can efficiently connect to the application server. 
  2. Usability: Ensure the user experience is smooth and straightforward. The customer should be able to navigate the app quickly. 
  3. Functionality: Depending on the features and functions made available on the user interface, when checking functionality, you should make sure that everything is running as required. 
  4. Security: The application should be able to secure the user’s data. Check to ensure that the app is impenetrable, set up data authentication and information management. 



Mobile software security testing is a good practice in the application lifecycle. As a business, you should ensure you test out your apps before deployment.

Date: 15 November 2018, 9:11 am
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