Overcoming Multi-Cloud Integration Challenges

Overcoming Multi-Cloud Integration Challenges

Many organizations have been seen to be migrating to the cloud so as to improve their business’s agility and to make their operations efficient. Organizations seem to be moving from traditional monolithic software and creating multi-cloud environments. These are using multiple cloud providers such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to come up with the highest-quality solutions. However, multi-cloud comes along with some challenges. 


What is the Complexity of Multicloud Integration 

Switching to cloud is not just about migrating applications to another platform. Apart from just re-architecting the existing applications, IT teams have to preserve the integrations that have been used to connect their data and applications. There is also need to create new integrations that can allow cloud services to keep running. By adding more complexity, companies have to deploy the same applications. Integrations that are rigid can reduce a business’s agility and its ability to maximise cloud benefits. 
Another main concern is security, mostly when there is an increasing number of endpoints that need to be secured. 


How to Overcome the Challenges of Integration 

APIs – The most important thing is to find a way that on-premises and data sources can be modernised in a way that they can co-exist with SaaS applications and cloud infrastructure. This can be achieved using APIs and application programming interfaces to create an integration that can decouple the applications and on-premises data they are already on. 

Fluidity  – When organisations are trying to build a new integration, they have to form an application network. This provides the IT with a lay-out of the building blocks that are re-usable to connect new cloud services. An application network enables organisations to future-proof their businesses and also create architectures that are decoupled. This will help to make migration more streamlined. 

The fluidity that organisations can achieve with an approach that is API-lead is very important when it comes to ensuring that multi-cloud strategies are successful. Business owners have to understand that Cloud can never be complete and it keeps evolving so they have to adapt.

Date: 9 November 2018, 12:11 pm
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