Key Considerations for Data Storage Management

Key Considerations for Data Storage Management

The importance and value of data to a modern business can not be under-estimated. Rapid retrieval and data security are paramount to the operation and success of any business. Finding the right data storage management solution is not a one size fits all scenario, and will need regular monitoring to ensure it continues to serve as a cost effective solution. Data storage managers can also be dealing with other time consuming tasks, from end user support to overall system management. However by allocating consistent time to plan your data storage management you not only help optimise data storage within the business, but potentially save some of the time spent firefighting end user and system problems. 


Tiered Storage for Categories of Data 

Businesses can amass vast quantities of data, both current and archive. Some of this data is more business critical than other parts. As part of any effective data storage management plan, identifying the business value of your data is key in designing a cost effective and practical solutions. Store the business critical and constantly required data on the fastest, more expensive storage solutions such as SSD. Cloud storage or tapes could be used to hold seldom used data or archive material. 


Security Number 1 Priority 

Whether it is sales records, staff records, email or client details the security of the data a company holds is crucial. The damage to a company and its reputation from its own sensitive data being posted in the public domain, let alone the data it holds containing staff and client information, can be permanent. Encryption prevents third party reading of data if it does get leaked, but practices to ensure the physical and virtual security, including controlled access and strong password policy, should always be under constant review. 


Back-up and Data Recovery 

Things go wrong, system disasters happen and when they do it is best not to be reliant on your data storage management provider. With many companies storing data on the cloud there is no guarantee this information is being backed up on a regular enough basis not to impact your company in the event of data loss. Take back control and routinely back-up as part of company policy. Implement disaster recovery procedures too, testing on a regular basis to ensure your back-ups are working and can be restored successfully if need be, thereby minimising downtime and crucial data loss to the business. 


Choose the Solution For You 

When deciding on a data storage management plan or provider it must ultimately provide a consistent and reliable experience across all the platforms used within the business, From mobiles to laptops, desktops to virtual platforms it needs to be flexible enough to cater for the specific workloads of the business. A one size fits all solution may well work, but it will probably not be optimising your data storage. If the data is available to employees as and when required, it is utilised more efficiently and the company operates more smoothly overall.

Date: 31 October 2018, 13:10 pm
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