Benefits of Cloud DNS in Businesses

Benefits of Cloud DNS in Businesses

Cloud computing models offer the much-needed promise of reduced information technology operational expenses, which can be appealing in these recessionary times. However, before you mothball your information centre and begin using servers that are distributed across the internet, you need to rethink the DNS infrastructure. Providers of enterprise and client DNS services are expanding their line of outsourced services to address the many problems that come up when organisations migrate to cloud computing. 


Strong Security 

DNS service providers always take a multi-layered approach to security, considering various measures to establish the much-needed defend against threats. DNS service providers retain their security professionals who strictly monitor industry emerging trends and regularly update security applications and practises to thwart any attacks and the mitigate risks. 

Few ISP-based DNS providers are in the position to deliver that high level of security to their customers. DNS providers also have multiple and geographically distributed DNS servers that help to eliminate single points of failure, and they make sure that there are continuous services in the event of individual DNS server network outages. You should also understand that anycast offers primary security benefits over unicast. 


Support DNSSEC 

Domain name system security extension offers a cryptographic technique of authenticating the DNS records and protects businesses against the common DNS security problems. Most businesses haven’t adopted the DNSSEC since they don’t understand its configuration and benefits. 

Your company may lack these servers that make it easy to configure the DNSSEC. They automatically deal with the key-rotation process and updating. The DNS providers can automatically enable the DNSSEC or make it easier to implement and perform the automatic key rotation.

Date: 19 October 2018, 9:10 am
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