Main Reasons for a Failing Digital Workplace

Main Reasons for a Failing Digital Workplace

Nobody likes to fail: failure makes you feel uncomfortable, inadequate and embarrassed. At your workplace, it can lead to demotivation, write-ups or even termination. As an employee or a manager, failure is not fatal, and when you permit yourself to fail, at the same time, you are giving yourself an opportunity to excel. 

Compared to other major initiatives, the procedure for creating digital workplaces has various opportunities to fail. However, attempting to avoid or eliminate failure at all costs can be more detrimental and can result in expensive mistakes. If your company is planning to develop productive and employee-centric digital workplaces, it must be in the position to embrace failure. Here are the top reasons for a failing digital workplace: 


Too Many Login Screens 

Most systems in your company still don't support single sign-on, which requires workers to input their passwords and username over and over. Even if your employee system supports the single sign in, sometimes an organisation-wide SSO solution isn’t inclusive of all applications, users and the gadgets across your enterprise. 

If the single sign-on is not available on your system and your employees do not access the application on a regular basis, they are likely to forget the password and username leading to frustrations, overload on the information technology support desk and wasted time. 


Difficulties in Finding Information 

If you find out that your HR centre and information technology helpdesk are bogged down with requests on where to find data from onboarding documents, time off requests, information technology ticketing information and training documents, it is an indication that you have a failing digital workplace. 

The issue is that most organisations have failed to get what they have set out to do with the digital workplace strategies and they have made it difficult for their employees to control their information. If workers get overwhelmed trying to get information, they are likely to request from other employees or just quit.

Date: 19 October 2018, 12:10 pm
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