How to protect data in the cloud

How to protect data in the cloud

The endorsement of cloud data storage has greatly enabled innovation, creativity, and peer collaboration. Many people enjoy its accessibility and resourcefulness. However, cloud security measures are often neglected, and most companies expect the service providers to be accountable. Many businesses only protect their credit card information and personal data. They do not prioritise on investing financial and other appropriate resources to protect critical information. As a result, some companies encounter problems when combating security threats while others suffer great losses in attempts to solve data breaching problems. 

All information within a company, ranging from marketing strategies to financial plans, is critical to the survival of the business and contributes to the organisation’s reputation. If this data is compromised, the business can be ruined. Therefore, data protection in the cloud is necessary. There are many options for accomplishing this. Here are some tips on how to protect data on the cloud: 


Data Encryption 

Protecting data from both internal and external attacks is necessary. External data breaching can be prevented by locking down network access. Internal data breaching, on the other hand, is done by selecting cloud service providers that offer strong data encryption and data activity monitoring throughout. 


Training Employees 

Human error is also a major cause of data breaching. Amateur employees may make mistakes, such as data misconfigurations, poor access control, and even falling for phishing attacks that instigate data breaching. Hence, employees need to be equipped with the necessary skills to tackle the risks of malware, unauthorised access, and to have timely incidence reporting. 


Early Planning 

Security must be laid in from the foundation of any project. It is difficult to integrate security features on a system that was not previously designed for such features. Moreover, it is challenging to convince teams accustomed to their processes to change suddenly.

Date: 12 October 2018, 9:10 am
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