Excellent Practices for a Successful Employee Offboarding

Excellent Practices for a Successful Employee Offboarding

Off-boarding is the process of removing a worker from a company either due to termination or resignation. As company leaders are working to improve their employee working experience, this process often remains an area that requires closer attention. Most firms are more equipped and prepared than ever to attract more outstanding employees, onboard them with training, control their performance and expressively recognise their benefits and contributions. 

Currently, the care most employers provide their workers during their arrival often fades away upon their departure, which is a significant mistake. A good offboarding procedure not only helps the company to gain honest and positive feedback from its employees on the areas of improvement but also mitigates security and legal threats. Here are the best employee off-boarding practices. 


Provide Support 

After discovering the main reasons why your employees are leaving, do your best to help the departing workers in their future careers. You can assign an individual to monitor and guide them through the process of off-boarding. Also, you can provide them with helpful resources to help them in their career. Ensure that you are sharing your contacts with them so that they can keep in touch with the firm. If your employees are leaving on good terms, you should reassure them that your organisation would be joyful to have them again and that they can seek out any support from it in future. 


Knowledge Transfer 

When a worker leaves an organisation on good terms, you must train someone else to perform the job. The whole knowledge transfer process should be handled by the leaving employee. Concerning the termination event, although there may not be enough time for the process, the organisation should ensure that the knowledge transfer process is well performed. To keep the firm at an optimum operational level, ensure that each position has a written guide that contains job responsibilities and how they are to be handled.

Date: 28 September 2018, 10:09 am
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