Top Tips for SEO Keyword Research Strategies

Top Tips for SEO Keyword Research Strategies

Nowadays, effective use of keyword research is an increasingly essential skill for most digital marketers. They need to know how to create and develop excellent keyword list for both search engine optimization and PPC. Also, smart content marketers may use a keyword research technique to find out the different types of phrases and topics they should use in their content writing. 

Content marketing has been on the wall since the year 2014, and while their benefits and motives are widely debated, the importance of focusing and concentrating on the advantages and the intent of the exact keyword is clear. Revisiting the keyword research tactics and approach is not only a better way of regular optimization activity but also an important step in the development and preparation for the match type changes. Here are various points to put into consideration when conducting your keyword research for more results and effectiveness. 


Use Seed Keywords 

Using seed keywords in your keyword research is essential since they can help you to identify your competitors and define your niche. If you already own a business or you have a product that you are planning to promote online, looking for seed keywords is very easy. All you need is to describe that particular product or service with your own phrases or brainstorming how other individuals might search for it. If you are planning to start an affiliate marketing site, and you do not have any idea of which products to promote or niche to pick you can use the monetization first approach or the niche down approach to help you. 


Use Keyword Tools 

There are various free keyword tools available out there. The best keyword tool is the search engine optimization book keyword tool since it helps you to export your keyword data easily. The tool is also free and fast. Every tool has some errors which means you should not expect the tool you are using to provide you with the exact keyword number since they only provide rough estimates. Some of the additional tools include Google AdWords keyword planner and Microsoft Ad Intelligence.

Date: 5 October 2018, 9:10 am
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