How to Build a Water-Tight Cybersecurity Strategic Plan

How to Build a Water-Tight Cybersecurity Strategic Plan

As an IT expert in a management position, cybersecurity should be one of your top priorities. Implementing new security measures in your organisation comes with some challenges, but is a big step towards protecting your organisation. Here are tips that can help you to run a cybersecurity project smoothly: 


Do Thorough Research before You Start 

It is vital to learn from people with experience in your road to creating a leadership-level security plan. Since you are likely to be the leader of cybersecurity in your company, you will have to study resources from other reputable organisations. For example, resources from the Department of Homeland Security can offer you proven best practices for government corporations, common terms, and more learning resources. 


Communicate With Other Team Members 

IT knowledge will be crucial as you work to get your cybersecurity strategy up and running. Your IT team must be up to speed with the latest security trends (encourage them to use the excellent educational resources that are online) and should provide their viewpoint on how to transform your goals into a practical plan for your organisation’s systems. 


Set Your Priorities and Draft an Action Plan 

Once you are done doing your research and consulting with other team members, it is time to set your goals. Your goals should address the needs and potential threats that your organisation could encounter. You may be required to establish new goals as an opportunity to rectify any unsuitable practices that are in the current system. 


Measure Your Success 

Before you start implementing your organisation’s new strategy, you should have a way of measuring its success. Go back to your goals for building the cybersecurity plan and allocate tools for weighing its pros and cons over a distinct period. When the right reporting and administrative mechanisms are in place, you will be able to know the achievements of your cybersecurity strategy and have accurate data.

Date: 5 October 2018, 10:10 am
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