Benefits of Low Codes Platforms for businesses

Benefits of Low Codes Platforms for businesses

The demand for app developers is growing immensly while there are very few developers available in the market. This has pushed most companies to use low coding platforms to solve the shortage problem with little help from an IT specialist, and create software applications for their businesses. 


About Low-codes Platforms 

They are development platforms that allow the creation of application software by only using graphic user interface (UI), instead of the normal programming codes. The platforms allow users to create apps through dragging and dropping UI components, unlike the traditional app creation method that required dozens of programming codes to be written. This has simplified the app creation process, and even non-developers can easily create an app using the low-codes platforms and with a little help from a developer. 


Benefits of low-codes Platforms to Business 

Businesses have eliminated the developers’ shortage by using the low-codes platforms and IT specialists, with no programming experience, to create an app for their business. Plus. low-codes platforms help to cut down on the amount of time that would have been used to create an app using the programming codes. This helps to deliver the apps on time to business owners and increases productivity in businesses as the hired developers will have their developing work simplified, and they will have plenty of time to work in others sectors of the business. 

Businesses also save on the cost of hiring more developers, which are quite expensive. The low-codes platforms can be used by anybody without any programming experience being necessary; therefore, businesses can use their existing IT specialists to build the app. For businesses without an IT department, business professionals can develop the apps on their own, thus saving on the cost of hiring a professional developer. 



There are various low-codes platforms around the internet. Popular companies such as IBM, Dell, Microsoft, and Oracle have a low-code platform that businesses can use to build apps. Although low-codes are quite beneficial to businesses, a little input from a developer with coding experience is essential. The experts will help manage the app and create the little coding needed in the background.

Date: 21 September 2018, 11:09 am
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