Apple introduces eSIM phones in the market

Apple introduces eSIM phones in the market

Not many countries have adopted the eSIM usage yet. Apple’s move to introduce phones with eSIM capabilities has only be embraced by very few countries in the world. The recently launched iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max have dual-SIM capabilities with one SIM card being an eSIM. The company intended one SIM card to be the normal physical SIM card, which is to be inserted in the SIM tray, while the other SIM card is intended to be an eSIM card. However, only 10 countries in the world have adopted the eSIM usage as of yet. 

The embedded SIM card technology allows iPhone users to change carriers by digitally signing up for a new SIM card without ordering any new SIM card in shops. 


Benefits of eSIM 

  • If you require a temporary local number when travelling in other countries, an eSIM could come in handy as you will not have to visit any shop to sign up for a new local SIM card for that country. You could register for the local number online and use it temporarily. 
  • f you also require two different phone numbers in one device, an eSIM could easy help you swap the SIM cards without having to poke out the SIM tray on your phone. 
  • eSIM has reduced the need to pay any roaming fees when travelling in other countries. 
  • With eSIM, it is now easier to switch between several telecommunication service providers through the internet, without having to physically acquire a new SIM card. 

Dual-SIM phones are very popular in countries where iPhones have a small market share. However, Apple has now ventured in the Dual- SIM phones, but Dual-SIM iPhones will only sell in selected countries where eSIM is allowed. Other countries where eSIM has not yet to adopted, Apple has customized the recently launched iPhones to allow 2 physical SIM card usage.

Date: 20 September 2018, 13:09 pm
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