Need for Speed: tactics for faster recruitment

Need for Speed: tactics for faster recruitment

With more and more companies seeking opportunities for expansion, the job market is getting heated up with competition and demand for competent talent can soar. Nowadays, hiring qualified experts has increasingly become challenging, not to mention costly. The need for speed in recruitment is more important than ever before. It’s time for businesses to up their game and come up with better strategies. Here are some top tips for faster hiring that every recruiter should know about. 


Go mobile 

Being mobile or flexible in the recruitment industry is essential in order to handle the day-to-day tasks of hiring new staff. Recruiters need to constantly go in and out of the office and meet new candidates so it’s important for them to have full access to their candidates’ placement information. By using cloud-based systems, hiring managers can access and update their candidates’ data at anytime and from anywhere. 


Check out the candidates’ profiles on social media 

Spend a few minutes reading through the candidates’ profiles on LinkedIn. If you are proactive enough to tailor your message to their background, you will achieve a high response rate. Make sure you specify exactly what you are looking for and prioritise those who are interested in your job position. 


And if all else fails….tap into your internal network 

The company’s existing employees and their networks are the best sources of referrals for candidates. There is also the possibility that someone in your own team might be interested in changing their job position within the company. 

To find the most competent talent for your company, speed is of utmost importance. Take proactive steps to separate the bad apples from the good ones by staying ahead of your competitors. In the world of recruitment, every minute counts so start with a clear candidate profile and use your networking resources to find potential talent as quickly as possible. You can then optimise the interview process to connect with your selected candidates.

Date: 14 September 2018, 9:09 am
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