Cyber Attackers may be using Sleeper Cells to Attack

Cyber Attackers may be using Sleeper Cells to Attack

Cyber attacks have been on the rise for a long time. Attackers have advanced their ways of attacking computer networks to gain access to business information that is supposed to be confidential. Various countries have been involved in such cyber battles, where one country tries to hack into another country’s computer networks, to gain access to confidential business information that may benefit their country’s economy. While every country in the world tries extra hard to secure its private information from cyber sabotage, it is evident that there some loopholes that need to be mended. 

Germany for instance, with all the technological advancements, has been an attractive target for various countries. With various unsuccessful attempts, attackers now have new strategies. 

Cyber attackers are now using the sleeper technique to sabotage government information in various countries. Germany was a recent target of the Chinese government. Their reports show that there have been several unsuccessful attempts to hack into a German-based company database by Chinese hackers to gain private business information. If their security systems were weak, they would have successfully sabotaged the Germany business and paralyse the firm’s operations.


Sleeper Cell Cyberattacks 

As mentioned earlier, cyber attackers always come up with advanced ways of attacking. The Germans now fear the Chinese may be using sleeper cell cyber attacks. These attacks are more like espionage where the Germans fear the Chinese may be using insiders to gain confidential information. 

According to the Germans, Chinese engineers maybe trying hard to get positions in the technology sector in German firms for their ulterior motives. The engineers might be working with the Chinese government to attack the German government and its firms. 


Precaution Measures 

As a precaution, the Germans have stopped hiring Chinese engineers in most technology firms to avoid the engineers from being used by governments to launch a sleeper cell cyber attack. Germans fear the engineers may give their government access to private information.

Date: 14 September 2018, 10:09 am
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