Walled gardens and their impact on data marketing strategies

Walled gardens and their impact on data marketing strategies

A huge percentage of online marketers rely on consumer data to maximize on their marketing strategies. Consumer’s data can reveal a lot of information that marketers use to drive their products and services to the exact audience who are highly likely to use the product or service being advertised. Marketers have used consumer data from tech giants, such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, for the longest time to strategize on their marketing techniques to reach the right audience. However, that is rapidly changing as tech giants are putting a wall between marketers and consumer data; that is why they have earned the name ‘walled gardens’. They now dictate to marketing companies on the kind of limited consumer data that they will avail to them, and the kind of technology marketing companies should use to market to their users. 


About Walled Gardens and their impact on data marketing 

Walled gardens have direct access to consumers’ data, through their users’ profile, that can be used by marketers to market to their target audience. However, they have created a barrier between marketers and consumers’ data, making it harder for marketers to effectively drive their campaigns to their target audience. The impact is, marketers are not effectively advertising to the right audience and therefore their marketing campaigns are not quite effective for consumers. 


Employing Different Marketing Strategies 

The state of confusion created by walled gardens to marketers is quite evident in the not very successful marketing campaigns. That is why marketers have been forced to come up with new marketing strategies that will yield more success in their campaigns. Using the right technology and creative management platforms, marketers can leverage third-party technology within walled gardens to see the performance of their campaigns and strategize on that. 

It is the obligation of these walled gardens to protect their users’ personal data, that is why the limitation on consumer data is not about to stop. Marketers should find their way around that to effect their campaigns and to avoid being closed out of the open web.

Date: 14 September 2018, 9:09 am
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