How Hackers are using Printers to Gain Access to Sensitive Data

How Hackers are using Printers to Gain Access to Sensitive Data

Corporations invest so much in securing the company’s data from intruders. However, they may be ignoring one thing that could be used by hackers to easily gain access to the company’s sensitive data. The IT department may use the best antivirus software to keep all the computers in the company’s network safe, but if they do not secure their printers too, they may be putting the entire company’s confidential data at risk. 


How Unsecured Printers are breaching a Corporation’s confidential data 

Today, most print devices are connected to the wireless local area network and most information from the computers in the network are often sent to the print devices for printing. If the printers are not secured, hackers might just be gaining a lot of information from the printers. 


Security Measures to Secure Printers 

After understanding how Printers can put confidential data in jeopardy, here’s how to ensure you stay protected from the attacks: 

A printer needs to have a secure hardware, software and networking capabilities to protect all the information that it receives. Therefore, when purchasing a printer, choose a brand that has designed its printers with cybersecurity measures in mind. It should keep its firmware, memory, and fleet safe at all times. Ideally, the printers installed may also detect a security breach, and notify the IT security team, before the breach causes major damages. 

All the devices connected to the corporation's network, including printers and personal devices, should communicate only with secure devices within the network.

Date: 6 September 2018, 12:09 pm
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