3 tips to avoid spy apps on your smartphone

3 tips to avoid spy apps on your smartphone

Smartphones have become one of the most important devices for millions of people. With the help of these phones, you can easily have a wealth of online information at your fingertips and enjoy accessing your emails and appointments whenever you want. #However, smartphones are just as prone to cyber attacks as any other computer device. Criminals don’t even have to steal your phone in order to get access to your banking details and other personal data. If you want to protect your smartphone against spyware, make sure you read the following guide: 


1. Avoid Clicking on Strange Links 

The simplest way to unknowingly download spyware to your phone is by clicking on a strange link. If you receive a suspicious email from someone you don’t know, delete the message without opening it. The same goes for social media links that are from strangers. They could be phishing scams that intend on stealing your data. If you’re doubtful about the authenticity of the link, just don’t click on it. 


2. Spyware on Android Phones 

Android phones are especially vulnerable to spyware apps. To protect your phone, make sure you lock the screen and don’t reveal the pin or password to anyone. You can also block the installation of 3rd party apps by going to Settings, Security and untick the Unknown Sources Option. 


3. What About iPhones? 

There are also plenty of risky apps that can worm their way into your iPhone and steal your data. Although it’s harder for 3rd party apps to break into your iPhone, if your device has been previously unlocked, the spy software app will be able to access your information through the jailbreak. To prevent this from happening, simply update your phone to the latest OS version in order to remove the jailbreak. By keeping your iPhone locked whenever you’re not using it, you will protect it against malicious software.

Date: 24 August 2018, 14:08 pm
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