Saving Office Space

Saving Office Space

In this competitive world, most organisations are looking for ways to reduce cost. Office space is the second-biggest expense for companies. Hot-desking or desk-sharing is one of the techniques companies have been adopting to save this precious space. It is where workers are not assigned a permanent desk and therefore they have to share with others. Desk-sharing provides a flexible working environment and most new employees such as graduates easily adapt to it. 

Implementing an effective hot-desking strategy may face resistance from employees who are used to traditional offices. Here are important factors you should keep in mind when executing the plan.


Understand the necessities 

When you decide to implement desk-sharing, get a clear picture of how employees work and interrelate with other departments. Explain your strategy to all workers to make them understand your reasons for changes. Moreover, you should also consult and conduct research to get others opinions. 
Improve storage by keeping the office clear 

To achieve a successful desk sharing plan you must make sure that desks are clear. Keep the only important items such as desktop, mouse, keyboards, internal extensions list, and fire escape pathways. Improve storage by indicating file number to avoid duplication. It is also important to keep the office free from distracting noise. 


Pros of hot-desking 

  • Saves costs: It is cost effective because employers fit more employees into the current space and more resourcefully utilize the available office space. 
  • Improves innovation: Supporters of the hot-desking claim that although the strategy saves on cost, it improves innovation as employees work in a competition to solve problems. In addition, it improves workers sustainability and well-being. 

In nutshell, desk sharing is the most effective strategy to cut costs for companies. It provides employee well-begins as employees interact and build friendships. However it may not succeed as staffs without an allocated working desk complain of struggle finding coworkers, desk deficiencies, and inability to individual space.

Date: 10 August 2018, 9:08 am
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